“Fueled by interesting people and stories both home and abroad”

My interest in photographs came at a young age from a subscription to National Geographic that was an annual Christmas present from my Grandpa. It provided a backstage pass to some of the most interesting stories and exotic places on earth. Few publications were able to supplement a story better with eye catching visuals and photographs that included so much depth and intrigue. After completing a track and field scholarship at the University of Georgia, I purchased my first camera and traveled across the United States hiking mountains and meeting amazing people. I like to think that my photography continues to be rooted in my genuine interest in meeting people and documenting their lives.

In an era where photos are produced in the billions, I still believe in the power that quality photojournalism can bestow on the viewer and the demand for quality visual story-telling to continue. My goal is to continue that tradition whether for your family, wedding, business or personal interest project.  I can't wait to hear from you and help collaborate on your next event or project.


Matt Goodale