Photos That Matter

My ethos for 2017 is to reflect on my work and question why the photographs I take matter. We are bombarded by photos on a daily basis; you can watch mundane vlogs of people eating breakfast and there are hundreds of new cat videos to fill my Facebook feed every day. Why does a photo mean anything? What makes it stand out? Why does good photography stop you in your tracks? In our culture of digital media excess does photography still matter?

If we look at it from a journalism perspective, there is value in photographs bringing awareness to a story, introducing characters and places, and trying to add a visual truth to our daily news. From a landscape photography perspective, it may provide access to a place on earth that we might not otherwise be able to visit. And from a family/wedding photography perspective, it might serve to document an event for our own nostalgic purposes or to pass on a bit of history to our future generations. And these are just some of the reasons why I think photography matters! Yours may certainly differ! But these are all reasons that I draw upon when hired to photograph for people.

The point of this blog isn’t to justify my career path into photography, or why you should hire me (although you should :)) but to provoke some thought when you go to hit that shutter button. How do we keep from being buried beneath thousands of disconnected random digital photographs (side note: print your photos)? Why does the photo you are about to take matter?

Here is a quick selection from a birthday party I shot for a couple who wanted to sit back and enjoy time with close family without having to worry about taking pictures. To me, that sounds like a great approach to enjoying the moment while ending up with some photos that matter.  Cheers.