ANd Everything In Between







1. REAL LIFE IS AMAZING - Let's Document it

Life is chaotic, messy and beautiful; let's take a minute to document it. When I look back at photos from my childhood, I don't linger on the composed portraits of my family. I'm far more engrossed in the photos that capture the emotions, ridiculous fuzzy sweaters from the 80's and pictures of our childhood home. By stylizing a session you risk losing the "you" factor in your photos. Documentary family photography focuses on telling  a story that's true to you.


The Sessions are A LOT of fun - and super laid back

Are you someone who usually dreads having their photo taken? Feel awkward being posed? The best part of documentary family/wedding photography is that you just have to be yourself. We're documenting real life, so let's treat it as such. Whether it's your wedding day or a family shoot in your home your job is to just go about your day and enjoy time with family and friends, I do the rest. 


Yes, of course we can still do a portrait during the session!

Still looking for a more traditional portrait? We always leave time to catch a more composed portrait of your family, usually at the start of the session. After that, we shoot whatever the day brings us and all of the adventures in between.